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Download and activate office

Download and activate the office The first method !! For online download and activation through Microsoft's website: 1: Visit the official Microsoft website by clicking here. 2: Turn on Log in to the Microsoft account. 3: Copy the digital activation key that you purchased from MYCOD in the field on the page. 4: Choose your country, then choose the appropriate language for you (available in English, Arabic, etc.), then continue downloading and using the program. 5: When you encounter any problem in the previous steps, please move to the second method described in the next section. The second method !! For offline download and activation from outside the Microsoft website: 1: Please download and upload your favorites: office 2019 (Click here to download in Arabic) (Click here to download in English) office 2016

Click here to download in English 2: After installing the program, make an account for your account Then you will be able to enter the digital activation key that you have purchased from MYCOD

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